I’ve Played Games of “Clue” More Straightforward than the Newest White House Scandal

| May 30, 2010 | 3 Replies

I’m not sure if you’ve kept abreast of the growing scandal threatening the Obama administrat…what? Which growing scandal, you ask? Oh, yes, well, you’re right. There have been a few, haven’t there? Okay, this is the latest one. It doesn’t involve racist preachers, corrupt machine cronyism in Illinois, giving favors to beloved campaign contributors, incompetence with natural disasters, exploding deficits, unkept campaign promises, an education Czar sleazing schoolchildren under the guise of sexual awareness, an avowed Socialist and Truther as Czar, illegally firing an Inspector General or stonewalling other Inspectors General to cover up corruption.

This is a new one. Yeah, I know. The notebook is getting a bit full and we’re not even halfway into the second year of this historic administration.

This one involves Joe Sestak (that’s Sestak, not Sleestak), a Democratic member of the House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. He claimed, back in February, that the White House offered him a “job” if he’d agree not to run against Arlen Specter, the occasional Democrat, in the primary. Apparently Bill Clinton acted as the cut out when he, in the same charming manner he whips out on interns, secretaries, and Rush Limbaugh’s date, gently hinted that maybe the White House had a completely uncompensated spot on a minor advisory council waiting just for Sestak if only he’d clear the field for Snarlin’ Arlen.

Sestak played coy about exactly what job the administration offered him, but it doesn’t really matter. The law doesn’t care if the offer was the Navy Secretary position, a spot on Random Miscellaneous Ignored Panel Number 2, or Rahm Emanuel’s Cabana Boy, So, according to Sestak’s coquettish accounts, the White House broke the law. The only question is, was Sestak a big, fat liar or what?

Actually, there really are a lot of questions. The White House shoved Robert Gibbs at the MSM for a couple days to announce, sweatily, that the White House thoroughly investigated the allegations against the White House and found that the White House did nothing at all wrong. If that doesn’t comfort you one bit, let me also add that this crack investigation was undertaken by the same guy who found the White House blameless in a couple other recent corruption scandals (about which, by the by, the MSM seems to have developed a curious case of amnesia).

You can get the whole odd rundown, if you wish, from Sister Toldjah and Nice Deb. I don’t expect that we’ll ever really know what happened. The truth is likely to ruin the administration and the MSM won’t end this President given that they invested so much of themselves into getting him in the Oval Office in the first place. The days of tough, even-handed investigative journalism ended on January 20, 2009.

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