Peggy Noonan: Obama Was Supposed to Be Competent. Me: Said Who?

| May 29, 2010 | 9 Replies

Peggy Noonan, former Presidential speechwriter and one-time conservative, has come crashing back to earth, her dreams of a less-rancorous unicorn-intensive Obama presidency wrecked by…well…let’s get into that in a moment.

First, Jules Crittenden and Jill of Pundit and Pundette examine the meat of Noonan’s article: that President Obama’s political and practical competence dealing with the gulf oil spill has damaged his administration beyond repair. Noonan believes that this is the moment that will cause Democrats to abandon the President. Jill thinks that’s likely so; Crittenden thinks it it will take more than a badly-fumbled natural disaster.

I’m not really sure where I sit on that. Certainly, it should be a big bright signal in the sky to just about everyone that the President is, and has always been, in way over his head. The entire office of President is above his pay grade and it’s always been so. However, he’s had the advantage, as Steve Green notes without an ounce of kindness to Noonan, of the blind faith of people just like Noonan who covered his many shortcomings during the campaign.

The press is supposed to push and prod and pester and generally make life unlivable for presidential candidates. The reason is: Nothing the press can do is even close to the real pressures of the Oval Office — but it’s as close as we can get. Obama never went through the mandatory pushing and prodding and pestering, so the press failed in its prime duty to test this man before Election Day.

And now, the chorus arises — first Chris Matthews, now Noonan — that maybe this empty suit might not be filled with all the stuff the MSM poured into it.

Golly, ya think?

Then the Noonans and the Matthews and the rest wonder why Obama treats them with such disdain. He’s right to.

And now it’s our turn.

Indeed. So let me take my turn.

I very nearly stopped reading Noonan’s column when I read the headline “He Was Supposed to Be Competent”. Yeah? Well who said that, exactly? Who said that Barack Obama was competent to be President?

It sure as heck wasn’t us uneducated rubes out here in the hinterlands, the people upon whom Noonan heaped scorn. We knew that a guy with not a day of executive experience, who hadn’t held a real job nor earned a real paycheck, who had never faced a serious electoral challenge, and who had never once been held accountable for any position he ever had wasn’t going to become Super Executive when his sainted buttocks hit the Resolute Desk. We knew that a guy who mailed it in when he edited the Harvard Law Review, who hid his college transcripts from us, who claimed to be a teacher but never really taught, did all that not because he was a beacon of competence but because he likely wasn’t. We never said he was “supposed” to be competent, because we bitter clingers, we rabble, never saw a sign that he was.

Oh, but the MSM said he was. The progressive left, hungry for someone who had fully internalized their cant and was ready to figurehead their push toward totalitarianism, said he was. They told us to ignore his twenty years at the feet of an America-hating bigot, his long association with killers and crooks, that the positions he held the longest existed only to tear at the soft underbelly of American generosity and our very system of government. They told us that he’d be great at building up America, even though he’d never spent a day of his professional life doing it.

And Peggy Noonan believed them. Did she have any reason to buy their story? Heck no. Here is her endorsement of Obama from just before the election. Do you see the word “competent” anywhere?  Do you read anything about his experience or his executive skill aside from an unsupported assertion that he hires good people? Of course not. She wrotes effusively about his race, his unflappable mein, and how “God is in charge of history”. Well, sorry Peggy, but that all turned out to be as meaningful as an infant’s babble. As it happens, his mein is very flappable, his skin thin, and his race a shield behind which he hides his many failings. The job has been beyond him from the very first day.

We knew it, but Peggy Noonan wouldn’t listen to us because we were crude, because we didn’t go to the best colleges, because we didn’t have the proper intellectual pedigree. Well, how’s that elitism working out for you now, Peggy? How does it feel to have been so amazingly, stupidly gullible?

No, don’t answer that. I really don’t care to know. You were wrong. Your played your role as Judas goat well. Now, all I really want, is for you to get the heck out of the way so we who didn’t buy the hype can clean up the mess you helped cause.

UPDATE: Moe Lane and Joy McCann share their election-night memories, none of which involve love for Ms. Noonan and the other members of her “Club of Super-Smart Conservatives Who Are Smart and Did They Mention They’re Smart?”.

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