If this isn’t the best political campaign commercial of all time, it’s certainly the best one I’ve seen in my recent memory. I won’t post it here so that Stacy gets all the link love he has earned for being the first one to get the word out about it, so take a moment to click and watch.

The sharp talent behind the ad is Ladd Ehlinger, who not only makes campaign commercials but also has a couple full-length movies under his belt and hosts a daily talk show. Ladd is a very sharp and talented guy. I hope this commercial leads to many more jobs from far more prominent candidates. Heck, Hollywood should give Ladd a good, long look. I can name a few movie studios that could benefit if they gave him a project with a decent budget and let him run with it.

Also, be sure to check Stacy’s site throughout the day. He is “on the ground” in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, where there is a special election today to fill the seat vacated by the execrable Jack Murtha. I tweeted my opinion of Stacy earlier in the week and I’ll reaffirm it now. No one is doing a better job of reporting on the hottest policital races going on right now than Stacy McCain. He covered the special election in New York with Doug Hoffman, spent time in Massachusetts with Brown’s campaign people, traveled to Georgia to cover the race there, and has made four trips (including today’s) to PA to cover the Tim Burns campaign there. I can’t name a single MSM staff reporter who’s covered all those races, and Stacy is doing is solely on the power of donations. That’s kind of a shame, don’t you think?

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3 Responses to “The Power of the Entrepreneur, In Campaign Ad and Blog Reporting Form”

  1. Lyndsey Fifield says:

    While I love yelling at Stacy better than birthdays, I have tremendous respect for his journalistic passion.

    I hope he doesn't read this ;)

  2. Stacy McCain: Nobody Does It Better « The Camp Of The Saints says:

    [...] McCain: Nobody Does It Better 19 May 2010 @ 19:52 by bobbelvedere Jimmie Bise is 100%, spot-on, dead-solid-perfect, right on the money when he writes: …No one is doing a better job of reporting on the hottest political races going on right now [...]

  3. Robert Stacy McCain says:

    I hope he doesn’t read this

    Sorry to dash your hopes once more, Lyndsey. You can yell at me later.

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