I see this morning that authorities have arrested the guy who tried to blow up a car bomb in Times Square over the weekend.Contrary to the suspicions of Chief Inspector Bloomberg, the suspect was not Glenn Beck. He is, as it happens, a naturalized American citizen by way of Pakistan (“Pock-ee-stahn” in Obama dialect) named Faisal Shahzad.

You’ll find the best-updated work on the story (and there will be more to this story coming, I’m confident) with Michelle Malkin, Stacy McCain, and Liberty Pundits. I also recommend these posts on SuperGenius Bloomberg’s detective work and related matters of LoneWolfery which are less venomous than I would have been and smarter than I could have been. Pat Austin also has a smart piece on whether Faisal should be offered his Miranda rights. I agree with her; I don’t see why not. Our ability to convict him with Mopery with Intent to Explode has nothing to do with our more pressing need to run down his chain of contacts.

Those are the nuts and bolts of the story. I want to deal with another question: Why did the entire MSM  jump to the same conclusion about Skulking White Man from the surveillance tape?

My first thought, when I saw the clip, was that there wasn’t anything in it that connected him to the SUV. Remember, the initial report was that the suspect bailed out of the Pathfinder and fled. The guy in that video, which was a very short distance from the SUV, wasn’t fleeing. He was sauntering. In fact, he was doing the same sort of saunter you see every day on a city street, the moves of a guy who was up to a minor amount of no good but who realized that he needed to abandon his plans without drawing extra suspicion.

My guess is that Skulking White Man might have seen Faisal bail out of his car without locking it and figured he could swipe a couple things out of it, or even the whole car itself, easy-peasy. But then the SUV was smoking and a T-Shirt vendor was talking to a cop and there was way too much heat. So, down the alley and out of the sweatshirt before the cop sees you.

That is, of course, only a  guess, even though it has the benefit of consistency with the evidence available last night, the same evidence the MSM had. It’s also simple and plausible (heck, I’d argue it was the most likely explanation). So why didn’t I hear a similar theory yesterday?

Oh, I could theorize. Maybe it didn’t jive with the Bloomberg/Couric Evil Tea Partier narrative. Maybe they felt it was time a middle-aged white guy actually committed the political violence of which they’ve been accusing us since about January, 2009. Maybe the MSM forgot the reckless amount of hype over the white van during the three weeks of  D.C. Sniper attacks.

Maybe they aren’t as clever as they think they are.

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