What’s a Few Dead Miners When Measured Against Utopia?

| April 28, 2010 | Reply

How many more people will die to satisfy this administration’s religious fervor for an environmental utopia?

The irony of President Barack Obama visiting Beckley, West Virginia, Sunday to read a eulogy at the memorial service for those who died in the Upper Big Branch Mine accident, has not been lost on some White House aides. “If we had our way we’d be mourning the mining industry, not miners,” says a White House aide. “As an environmental issue, we want the majority of these mining related industries just to go away.”

In fact, the White House and some Obama Administration staffers at the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have been coordinating with left-wing environmental groups to launch protests in West Virginia over such techniques as “mountaintop removal mining.” This enabled the EPA to cite such protests as support for their new rulemaking. Earlier this month, the agency imposed rules sharply curtailing that form of strip mining in such states as West Virginia. The rules may end up costing several hundred West Virginians their jobs.

It will also continue to cost miners their lives. See, we have two ways of getting coal from the ground, by and large. We either blow off the top of a mountain, dig the coal out with big tractors, and rebuild the mountaintop or we send men into the mountains to bring the coal out. The latter method kills miners; the former method does not.

The truth is coal is an inexpensive and plentiful fuel source and will be so for longer than the Obama administration’s short-sighted environmental zealots will be alive. They can delude themselves all the want, but there is an enormous worldwide market for coal and the demand will get met. All they’re doing by shutting off one safe mining method is consigning more men to death.

And they really could care less.

Ask them. They’ll tell you where their prorities lie.


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