It’s My Birthday Week! Please Don’t Make Me Beg.

| April 26, 2010 | 11 Replies

I like April. The NHL playoffs get cranked up, baseball season starts, Spring flexes its lovely muscles and you can almost forget the last couple brutal winter months, and I get to celebrate two birthdays in the same week.

Today is the sixth birthday of The Sundries Shack. That puts my humble little blog among the old-timers in the blogosphere (though not as old as the old-old timers).

The big birthday, however, is Wednesday, when I turn 42. I know, I know. I barely look a day over 35, but I’m really not. Good genes. What can I say?

If you’re inclined, and I sincerely hope you are, you can help me celebrate by stuffing the tip jar. I have a few plans and schemes that are going to require money and, to be quite honest, I have a few little wants that I’d not mind picking up.

So, I’d appreciate anything you care to send. Drop a $20 or a $50 in the tip jar (that’s the PayPal link) on the small sidebar to the right. If you don’t feel comfortable sending cash through PayPal, you can always pick up a little something from my Amazon wish List and send it along to me as well.

Who knows? If enough of you send me $50 apiece, I might be able to nap that MacBook I’ve been eyeing for a while now. It would only take about 20 of you, which isn’t really all that many.


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