Attacked You Say? With Machetes You Say? By God, I Shall Write A Letter to the Editor!

| April 8, 2010 | 2 Replies

This has to be some sort of low-key Canadian humor. Otherwise, Canada has lost its flipping mind.

Machete attack shows lack of tolerance

The machete attack on the Chaudière Bridge preceded by a similar attack at a Gatineau bar is a matter that must be addressed by cooler heads and minds.

Well, yes. It should be dealt with by law enforcement and the citizenry should demand quick and sure punishment. But I and the author of this letter are in complete agreement on that, I think.

Where we part company is right about here.

Second, Carleton University may want to review its policy on expelling students who are disruptive to the goals and ideals of university life. One of the men, Nick Bergamini, said he “recognized one of them” as a Carleton student.

Forgive me for thinking that “the goals and ideals of university live” shouldn’t be much of a concern here. On the other hand, the goals and ideals of a nation where people must feel secure in their ability to walk across a bridge without being attacked by machete-wielding, Arabic-speaking Jew-haters seem more important. If you have them, then locking in all your university life stuff seems like it would come almost automatically, wouldn’t it?

But what do I know? I’m just a crazy American.

Okay, what else do we have here?

Liberal-minded Canadians agree with freedom of speech but that in no way translates into violence, threats, bullying and disrespect for others.

Do they now? I know a few folks who would disagree most strongly with that statement. Indeed, the threats and bullying seem to be perfectly permissible in Canada, so long as they are uttered by someone of a particular, shall we say, religious conviction.

I guess machete-attacks are just a step too far — not far enough, mind you, to rouse any real anger, but far enough to prompt a mildly-worded Letter to the Editor. I guess these days that’s what passes for anger at what really boils down to yet another assault on Western civilization.

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