2011: The Year of The Newbie Congress?

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Were I a member of Congress, I would take care that I didn’t get too mouthy (Senator Coburn) or condescending (Speaker Pelosi) with the electorate. We’re in a bit of a “throw all the bums out” mood, and when I say “a bit”, I meanĀ get the pitchforks and torches.

That chart is packed full of trouble for every member of Congress. The Democrats are likely to feel the worst of it because they are the “most” to whom the question referred. However, Republicans shouldn’t think themselves immune. The GOP is not the picture of political health these days and more than a few Republican Congressmen seem to be quite content going back to the days when they were a comfortable minority. I don’t have the impression that the Republican party wants the majority to restore any particular set of principles or to carry out any instructions from the people who really own the government.

Maybe Republicans thinks they can just ride this tide into power, but they seem to be a few surfboards short of a wave-riding party and I’m not really sure they know it. If they’re not careful, we could be looking at a Congress of Newbies next year

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll is looking back to 1946, with some help from Ed Morrissey and Michael Barone. Meanwhile, Steve Green has turned his Magic 8-Ball on the 2010 House races.

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