The Delivery Presents – Release the Filibusterer in Chief!

| April 7, 2010 | 1 Reply

Episode 33? Done in a bun, folks. I decided on another solo show this week, mostly because other parts of my life demanded more time than usual and I didn’t have much time to devote to lining up a guest or two. It’s the way it goes sometimes, but I think the show is a good one and I bet that you’ll chuckle more than you would listening to some other boring podcast with a boring host who ramble on about boring things.

We don’t play that on The Delivery. Even when it’s just me on the mic, entertainment is the first order of business.

Also, if you were curious about who the starting nine for the 1983 Baltimore Orioles were, I have your answer. From memory. Take that President White Sox Fan!

I devoted the second half, after some brief mention of perhaps the ultimate fast food sandwich ever created, to the subject of action movies and why Hollywood can’t seem to follow the time and audience-tested formula. To show how easy it is to structure one, I came up with my own in about five minutes of air time. Try your hand in the comment section. I’m guessing you come up with something better than Transformers 2.

I have to give big kudos to SMP Mike who put together the sound clips you’ll hear in the episode. I didn’t give him a lot of notice and he came through spectacularly. I predict you’ll hear the “Release the Kraken!” clip a few more times. It’s too much geeky-fun to use only once.

The Delivery - Episode 33

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