Well, At Least We Weren’t Devoured By the Nuclear Chaos

| March 30, 2010 | 2 Replies

Good news, everyone! The Large Hadron Collider has succesfully caused its very first high-energy particle collision. The experiment went off pretty much as planned, which means it did not create a planet-swallowing black hole nor did it rend the very fabric of space and time¬†and create a gateway through which horrors beyond man’s reckoning¬†would heave their rugose and Cyclopean bulks into our universe.

So that’s good.

I have written about the LHC before and even devoted a short segment on The Delivery to its latest operating woes. I am glad they’re getting something useful out of the big galoot now. High-energy physics is an exciting, and relatively new field of scientific inquiry that has, due to obvious difficulties, realied largely on pure theory and mathematics. I like that we’re going to get some observations to either confirm or refute the theories we have in hand now.

Unless, of course, we unleash Azathoth.

(via Greg Pollowitz)

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