The Heart of Darkness Came to Nevada, And So Did the Croc Hunters

| March 29, 2010 | Reply

An MSM Interview with a Tea Partier Goes Wrong

Sarah Palin came to Nevada and Stacy McCain was there to document the angry mobs full of angry spitting racists whom she led in various anti-gay chants against Manly-Man Barney Frank. To read some of the commentary, you’d think the authors were sailing down a gloomy river in search of an ivory trader named Kurtz and cursing the misbegotten savages who dared to attack them from shore.

In reality, though, the MSM’s self-appointed task in Nevada was less Heart of Darkness and more Animal Planet. They were there to film and catalog the various species of right-wing menace, Crocodile Hunter-style, then weave a cautionary narrative about how the crocs have learned to fashion rudimentary protest signs and organize themselves into marches. Crikey! Don’t get too close! That plumber will snap your hand right off! And watch out for the Spitting Shouter over there. His spittle can burn through a lead sheet!

The only problem was, the violent mouth-breathing horde wasn’t much in a mood to oblige. Where the MSM sought to identify the violent fringe of a violent mob, there were only…well, normal people. That’s not nearly as exciting a narrative, so the MSM, deprived of a chance to pull on the slouch hat and short pants, pouted.

Like Stacy said, “Actually meeting and talking to people is so much more productive than treating them as superficial stereotypes. It’s also a lot more fun.” Perhaps the MSM should start acting like human beings who happen to be reporters instead of zoologists describing a strange and dangerous breed of animal. Not only would their reporting improve by several orders of magnitude, but they’d enjoy life a whole lot more.

Doesn’t sneaking into an Ann Coulter speech with illicit recording materials and getting patted down by the cops sound like tons of fun?

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