I’m A Rotten Right-Wing Violence-Monger.

| March 25, 2010 | Reply

I need to turn in my rabble card. I have failed as a member of the hyper-violent right wing. See, according to the MSM, I should be running wild in the streets right now, inchoate with rage and high on the fumes emanated by our modern-day Coughlin twins, Beck and Limbaugh.

Instead, I spent the morning eating breakfast and taping a most entertaining segment on 80s music with Melissa Clouther that you will hear very soon on her podcast, The Right Doctor. I think perhaps some spittle exited my mouth while I was talking and landed somewhere near a picture of Emanuel Cleaver, which might well cause Courtland Milloy to lift his skirts again and shriek like a pathetic child, but that’s really the extent of my wilding adventures.

I really don’t have the patience to deal with folks like Milloy or his Brother in Manufactured Panic Steny Hoyer who think I should spend my valuable time reacting to their unfounded fears. Well, Brother Steny, I didn’t see you getting all het up about all the violence aimed at George Bush the past few years. As I recall it, your party invited one of the chief proponents of the violent talk to sit in a place of high honor at one of your Presidential conventions. And after you denounce him, this fellow has a list of other incidents you might want to address before you start giving us on the right heat about anything.

I’d say, on this issue, I’m about exactly as forgiving as Michelle Malkin.

Sure, maybe some of us owe Steny an apology for over-reacting to the completely unfounded fear that thousands of IRS agents may soon be monitoring our blood pressure, collecting urine samples and making sure we haven’t kicked our 25-year-old kids out of our basements and off our insurance doles — but, as sure as Bart Stupak’s already secretly working on his concession speech, I know this bothers more than just Republicans.

Steny’s been busy serving the constitution the way a dog serves a fire hydrant, so maybe he hasn’t had time to notice, but a solid majority of the country is against this bill that recently passed through the Senate and House, and is in the process of passing through America like shards of glass through the bowels of a hemophiliac. Hoyer may not have taken the time to consider that Americans are incensed by the passage of this bill, and as such there’s a slight chance that non-Republicans are less than happy too.

When she says “a slight chance”, Steny ol’ buddy ol’ pal, she means a veto-proof majority of the American people. Take a quick peek at those numbers. Sure, Republicans overwhelmingly want Republicans to keep fighting on the Obamacare bill, but independents are there in pretty massive numbers, too., unless, of course, you don’t consider 66 percent to be a large enough majority. Heck, man, even 41% of your own want Republicans to keep on opposing you. Right now a greater percentage of America has rejected Obamacare than voted Obama into office.

I get that you have to keep Nancy Pelosi happy and that if you step back from the precipice to which you’ve driven a lot of fine, upstanding, ordinary Americans, then Ezra Klein and the fringe left-wing commentariat won’t want to be your bosomest buddies anymore.

You have to pick a side, though. And when you think about it, would you rather be on the side of some quiet folks who like to pray for their leaders on occasion, or the people who think Nancy Pelosi is trustworthy and clever?

UPDATE: I’m not an super-smart progressive politician or anything, but there just might be a key to the populist anger hiding somewhere in these videos.  I’m betting that folks are not going to take kindly to your crowing about how you “control” the people and how stupid we are for not smothering you with kisses for your nigh-confiscatory tax proposals,

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