He Had Me At “Smelty-Fish Locavore Stores”

| March 25, 2010 | Reply

Dan Collins is easily one of the most talented writers in the blogosphere. I offer as proof this Seussian piece of satire that tells the tale of how a small fish became mightier than the entire population of California.

So Eeyo stopped sipping. He looked towards the sound.
“That’s funny,” thought Eeyo. “There’s no one around.”
Then he heard it again! Just a very faint glub
As if some tiny creature were sucking a bub.
“I’ll help you,” said Eeyo. “But who are you? Where?”
He looked to the pond. The water was brimming.
A lugubrious bug in it seemed to be swimming.

“What ho!” murmured Eeyo. “I’ve got to the nub
Of the important creature that seemed to say glub.
So you know what I think?…Why, I think it’s essential
To confer on it more rights than human potential!
Some sort of a smelt of very small size,
Too keen to be noticed by ignorant eyes…

Much more at the link. Do yourself a solid and read the whole thing, then leave Dan a note with what you think. He doesn’t get a lot of blog comments, which puzzles me because he’s a pretty engaging guy.

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