Totalitarianism Gets Some Help Today

| March 18, 2010 | 3 Replies

Today is a big day, folks. It is, as I tweeted not long ago, the day one of our political parties selected totalitarianism over our Constitution. It is also the day when the message “shut up and take what we give you” became the official motto of the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi, and 221 of her Democratic comrades bulled over strong bipartisan opposition to approve the Slaughter Rule, that is, the rule that will allow Pelosi and Politburo to pass the Senate’s health care (and other pork project) bill without actually voting on it. Expect a vote on the fraudulently-priced bill in the very near future (more at memeorandum). Expect also for Leader Pelosi to listen to what you have to say just as intently as she always has.

Yes, I know I’m laying on the Soviet references pretty heavily, but they are warranted, moreso than my partly tongue-in-cheek comparison of Pelosi to Dr. Evil earlier this week. What Commissar Pelosi wishes for us is the most heavy-handed program of government control ever seriously contemplated by our elected officials. It is the very definition of totalitarianism, summarized by Benito Mussolini as “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”, and perfected by the Soviets over several decades.

Should Obamacare pass, you will no longer control what medical care you get, when you get it, how much of it you get, or from whom you get it. There will be no private alternative, no way to pay your own way regardless of how much money you have or can get. State bureaucrats will make all of those decisions for you and they will jam you with millions of other faceless, nameless “expenses” into a chute that will grow more and more narrow as the number of doctors grows smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, your costs will grow and grow until, well, there just won’t be any room for you at all.

Oh sure, you could complain, but the time for debate was over long ago. NO matter what Nancy Pelosi says about wanting a “debate” after she gets her way, she laid down her marker on the matter last summer. Her position is clear: You should shut up.

And really, why should she listen to you anyhow? She’ll have all the power she’s worked for her entire life to get. Whyshould she give a rat’s patoot about what you have to say after she blew a three-foot hole in the Constitution? You can’t give her anything she won’t already have. In truth, you’re nothing but a prop to her.

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