The Delivery Presents: Muir on Cartooning and Haney on Hollywood

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Episode 28 of The Delivery is now plated and ready for you to dig right in. 

I tried something a little bit new this week – having a guest in each half of the show. Chris Muir anchors the first half and Kimberly Haney comes in for the second. I enjoyed myself so much that I wished I could have done a two-hour show. I will have both of them back in the relatively near future.

I’m a big fan of Chris Muir and his Day by Day Cartoon….Comic…Serialized Graphic Novel. Really, we had a bit of a tough time during the interview deciding what to call it. It’s not quite a comic strip and not quite a novel, but it does have the best qualities of both. Chris is a gifted artist and a strong writer who has worked diligently to turn his avocation into his vocation. In other words, he’s doing what he loves for a living. He is also, as I learned while recording this episode, a delightful conversationalist with a pretty quick sense of humor. I think you’ll like our discussion. Oh, and before I forget, he graciously sent over the graphic for this week’s show art, which was an incredibly cool move. You should also keep your eyes on his site (but of course you’re doing that already, right?) over the next ten days or so. You might get a little Delivery-related surprise.

For the second half, I brought in my delightful friend Kimberly Haney, who I have dubbed my roving Entertainment and Fashion Reporter. Kim is plugged in to movies in a way that I’m not and I love her perspective on the industry. We talk about the Oscars, who was gracious and who was a churl (Hint: the words “James Cameron” and “ass” appear in the same sentence a couple of times). Also, I drop a little 80s trivia about Kathryn Bigelow.

This was a fun show to record. I was on the microphone for over 90 minutes and it barely felt like that much time had passed. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and be sure to leave a nice comment over there when you do!

The Delivery - Episode 28

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