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| March 1, 2010 | 1 Reply

I have another post up at News Real Blog, the subject of which is a column by New York Times drama critic turned professional ninny Frank Rich. I should probably have been nicer to him, except that he decided to attack my friends. I realize that Rich probably doesn’t know anyone in the Tea Party movement but that’s only because he’s too lazy to try. All he has to do is to reach out by e-mail or, Heaven forfend, drive outside New York City a couple of hours.

Really, Rich’s casual slander of thousands upon thousands of decent Americans, my friends and family among them, irked me more than his lazy “research”, his hyperbolic prose, or his disdain for the facts. It’s not the first time Rich has dishonestly attacked the Tea Party movement and, unless a Divinely-guided meteor intervenes, it won’t be his last. I believe I gave him exactly as much respect and restraint as his regard for the truth deserved.

Several other bloggers lit into Rich today and their various takedowns are worth your time this evening. Paul Mirengoff at Power Line wrote the ultimate fisking, followed closely by this masterful piece by Michael Walsh at Big Journalism. I almost expected to reat Rich had been rushed to the hospital with severe trauma caused by the sheer psychic force of their collective disdain.

Stacy McCain, writing at the American Spectator and Ed Driscoll at his own site, jumped in with more measured, but no less devastating, critiques of Rich’s more tendentious assertions.

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