The Delivery Presents: The Week in Acronyms!

| February 24, 2010 | Reply

Episode 26 of The Delivery is ready to roll at all the usual hip spots where  all the cool kids get their podcasts.

My guest this week was the superior blogger and broadcaster Stephen Green. Originally, I had intended to spend a half-hour talking with him in the second half about his great post about the iPad’s killer app and the new Twitter addition to his Trifecta show (in which one of my tweets was featured. Those guys know good content when they see it!). At almost the last minute, though, I made an Executive Broadcaster Decision to ask him to stick around for the whole show. He graciously agreed and the result was one of the best shows I’ve done to date. We talked about  CPAC, the GOP, PJTV, and the iPad (which isn’t technically an acronym, but for the sake of the post title, I’ll make it one).

A couple quick announcements. First, I’m delighted that The Delivery is now a member of the Liberty Pundits family. Thank you to Melissa, Clyde, Bill, and Steve for bringing me on board.

Second, I got the chance to meet with a bunch of the Radio for Conservatives crew at CPAC last week. They are good people and they love the show, which thrills me to no end. The show is doing well in the Wednesday at 9 PM slot, which is also good news. Thanks to you, we’re growing, and I’m grateful.

The Delivery - Episode 26

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