I Told You CPAC Was Like Mardi Gras

| February 22, 2010 | 3 Replies

I want to share a couple post-CPAC reports with you that almost completely summed up the experience for me. This was a different jamboree than last year in nearly every way. The venue was markedly different (and, to my thinking, worse), the Bloggers’ Louge was bigger and better, and the crowd was livelier and far more jubilant.

Let’s start with Stacy McCain’s wrapup. Stacy was, as you might expect, everywhere. He ran down candidates, bloggers, celebrities, and anyone else he could find who might be interesting for interviews, not only for himself but also for others as well. He admits that wasn’t entirely by design. He couldn’t really do any blogging because the internet connection was so unreliable (a problem which kept me from blogging anything on Saturday and actually caused me to lose two posts altogether). I am sure that the crack crew who puts CPAC together every year will have that ironed out for next year and the Lounge was a pretty good setup all in all, so I’m not really complaining. Though I will ask that they reconsider where they put us bloggers next year. The perch above the main conference room where all the big speakers appeared was nice, but it had a few built-in flaws that became readily apparent on Saturday. Nevertheless, good bloggers, like good golfers, play things as they lay and that’s just what Stacy did, to the benefit of many.

I tweeted earlier this evening that CPAC felt different to me. It felt less like a political convention and more like a big party, like Mardi Gras without the floats and drunken debauchery (well, at least until after sunset). Here’s what Bloggers’ Lounge looked like on Saturday as “Eye of the Tiger” played News Gingrich to the stage.

Those are conservatives, folks. Evil, baby-eating, feeding dog food to gramma, dour, humorless conservatives.

Don’t believe the MSM hype.

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