Breitbart Goes to the Mattresses

| February 21, 2010 | 5 Replies

One of the reasons I dig Andrew Brietbart as much as I do is that he takes the fight to the disingenuous, smirking progressive left. For too long, conservatives have allowed the progressives to throw whatever smears they wished without ever really pushing back. Well, Breitbart pushes back. Hard.

Here is a case in point. Max Blumenthal wrote a nasty article for the Washington Post-owned about James O’Keefe in which almost every important detail, including the accusation that O’Keefe is a racist, was simply wrong. The article was so riddled with dishonesty that Salon retracted it, even though Blumenthal, in his whiny omega-male way, stood behind his charges. You can get a good rundown on the story from Larry O’Connor here. This came to a head at CPAC on Saturday. Blumenthal showed up with a camera crew to do God-alone-knows-what, and Breitbart pounced.

After making Blumenthal shrink off with his tail between his legs, Breitbart fended off yet another serial liar, Daryl Jenkins of the One People’s Project and another Salon “reporter” Mike Madden.

The left wants blood from Breitbart. They want to harass him and harry him and drive him from the field. Fortunately for conservatism, Breitbart is not so easily cowed and, more importantly, he has been beating the left at its own game, using the media against them. In him runs the fierce blood of Buckley and not the tepid tapioca of Frum, Brooks, and the Milquetoast Club.

After the jump, Breitbart’s CPAC speech from Friday night. Perhaps Blumenthal, Jackson, and Madden should have watched this before deciding he was easy meat. If they had, they would have known that Andrew has gone to the mattresses and is in no mood to roll over meekly.

UPDATE: Follow Dan Collins’s links for more progressive-whacking goodness.

UPDATE II: Thanks to Nice Deb and Smitty for the links!

UPDATE III: I corrected the post to show that is was indeed Max who confronted Breitbart. Max, shoddy humiliated reporter, is Sid’s son. Thanks to Chris Renner for that!

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