I Don’t Much Like Audi’s Definition of “Guide”

| February 9, 2010 | Comments (0)

I have a post up at NewsReal Blog this morning on the odd “Green Police” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and Audi’s dishonest explanation of what the commercial was really all about. Here’s an excerpt:

Wow, it didn’t take long for our non-judgmental Green Police guide to slam a guy’s head onto a checkout counter and frog-march…err, “guide”…him out of a grocery store, did it? Then there was the “humorous” warrantless search of every garbage can in the neighborhood leading to a bum rush of a private residence where the “caricatures” will no doubt “help” the resident right into a court date. And how about that guy carefully “guided” into a police car after being “arrested”? I bet he didn’t feel judged at all, especially by the big spotlight from the helicopter and the news vans parked in front of his house. And how about the guy dragged out of the pool who is almost cuffed before he takes off, with the Green Guides in hot pursuit? It sure seemed he had all kinds of Green Shirt…oops “Police”…help, didn’t he?

I’ve seen guiding and, friends, that’s not it.

It’s worth remembering that, though Audi is trying to play the commercial off as a joke, this stuff is really happening. Dave from Point of a Gun notes that you actually will draw a fine in San Francisco for not sorting your trash. The Green Troopers say the fine is to raise “awareness” but the part about raising urgency rings far more true. After all, you can’t let a manufactured crisis go to waste, right?

Please stop by there and read the whole thing. Remember, I’m still auditioning!

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