I Say We Protest Their Existence Everywhere

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It’s been a while since I gave one of Stacy McCain’s posts some undivided attention here and this post on the opening of a new Planned Parenthood office in Massachusetts paid for with your money and mine, is a pretty good one. He notes that even though that office is precluded from directly providing abortions by Federal law, that doesn’t mean it can’t refer hundreds of women a year to other places who will provide them. And you’d better believe they will.

I have a special place of contempt in my heart for Planned Parenthood. The group’s entire purpose, from its very inception, was to kill as many babies as possible so as to keep the pure and worthy from having to consort with the disabled, unintelligent, poor, or minority. It’s not changed all that much in the decades since. I’m sure that the group does some good at times. I have a dear friend who Planned Parenthood helped greatly. She would say the folks there probably saved her life. Nevertheless, I won’t look more kindly on Pol Pot because he was a heck of a French Lit. teacher once and a can’t look kindly on Planned Parenthood now. One act of good does not forgive years upon years of gleeful carnage.

And, by the way, my opinion of Planned Parenthood has little to do with my feelings on abortion. It is entirely possible to be pro-life and want to limit the number of abortions in this country by means other than legal ones. I believe Bill Clinton held that position, even if his “safe, legal, and rare” formulation became an empty slogan. Planned Parenthood is different. It depends on abortion for its very existence. It could not survive without providing them. It is a “pro-abortion” group rather than “pro-choice”. I find them as repugnant as I would have found the poison gasmakers who knowingly sold Zyklon B to the German government during World War II.

Planned Parenthood does not lament each abortion. It seems to me they do just the opposite.

There was a protest today and I expect that as he gets some pictures and reports from there, he’ll post a few updates, so check that space for more on the story.


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