The Delivery Presents: Special Guest Chuck Devore, Taxes, and Ellie the Astroturfer

| January 27, 2010 | 1 Reply

Episode 22 of The Delivery is ready for your listening pleasure. Yu can get it, as always, via the Holy Trinity of Multimedia: listen live, right-click download, or iTunes subscription. Don’t forget that you can listen to the show live tonight, with friends in a chat room, on Radio for Conservatives Wednesday night at 9 PM.

I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode. My second half guest was Chuck Devore who is not only a candidate for Senate in California but is also a social media pioneer among politicians and a ridiculously smart man. We spent almost a half-hour talking about subjects ranging from his Valentine’s Day Twitter adventure where he professed love to someone named “Dan” to how the Founders might have used the internet to hash out their Constitutional discussions. Chuck is a history buff as well and we talked military “what if” novels and his favorite historians. He also has one heck of an idea for a book and I sincerely hope he writes it soon (but not too soon. Barbara Boxer needs to be unemployed first). Chuck is, to date, the biggest “name” I’ve had on the show. I hope to have several more over the next few months, so please spread the word (and rate the show on iTunes)!

I spent the first half talking about taxes and one reason the states are having such problems raising revenue (Hint: Washington might have a bit to do with that). I also got into the ongoing mystery of how one woman who is apparently three women managed to get her letter printed in over 60 newspapers. I couldn’t get too much into that story, because it’s more convoluted than an Oliver Stone conspiracy theory, but at least I gave it a start. In the end, the story comes down to basic honesty, as they usually do.

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