Eating Liver, Watching Tonight’s State of the Union Address, and High Colonics

| January 27, 2010 | 1 Reply

What are three things that folks say are supposed to be good for me to which I refuse to subject myself, Alex?


While others are taking the mental battering of Barack Obama giving his third, yes third, nationally-televised speech before a joint session of Congress in a little over a year, I will be watching the Washington Capitals pluck the Ducks. I’ll also be hanging out on Twitter doing some Caps tweeting (if you’re not following me, you can remedy that forthwith) and chiming in on what other folks are tweeting about the speech tonight. Basically, I’ll be live-tweeting the live-tweeting.  I did this quite a bit last year and found that I had more fun, and knew exactly as much about the speech, than if I had watched the speech itself. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for the meatiness of our President’s speeches, I know.

Besides, I already have the White House’s talking points, which happen to be almost exactly the same talking points as the 400 some-odd speeches and interviews he’s done over the past 12 months. I don’t suggest you read them beforehand if you plan on playing a SotU drinking game. Cheaters never prosper.

There will be some folks blogging the speech as it happens, folks such as William Jacobson, the folks at NewsReal Blog, and the inventor of drunkblogging himself, Steven Green. I recommend any of them as worthy evening entertainment (assuming, of course, that you’re not a Capitals fan). CBS will be running some sort of live Twitstravaganza, with live feeds from both the left and right (though Meghan McCain seems to be sadly misplaced on the right again). I predict that the right side of the feed will be the funnier of the two, which is odd since you’d think the side that controls the White House and Congress would be in the more celebratory mood tonight. Also, my friends Melissa Clouthier and Tabitha Hale will be videoblogging the speech live on Right Wing News. That ought to be fun to watch as both ladies are smart as heck and very easy on the eyes.

If you choose to watch the speech live, why not make a game out of it? The fine people at Americans for Tax Reform have made up a few Obama Bingo cards to help make the speech a little bit less banal than it is likely to be. There’s no rule that being a well-informed citizen has to be boring.

Finally, if you want to see just how easy some of the the President’s predictable points are to debunk, Tim Carney provides a fine illustration.


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