Democrats to Poor Schoolchildren: “No Good Education for You!”

| January 2, 2010 | Reply

If one of the priorities of our government is to ensure that children get the best possible education, then it’s clear that the Democrats have a different priority in mind.

This past week, the majority in Congress, led by Dick Durbin on the Senate side and José Serrano on the House side, working in cahoots with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, successfully threw almost 2,000 poor students into the slough of incompetence and failure that is the D.C. Public School system. Our government has decreed that the choice both Duncan and President Obama have had their entire lives is not good enough for poor children in Washington, D.C.

Make no mistake, this decision was not made because the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program was too expensive or lacked tangible positive results. The OSP was wildly successful. Students in the program were getting a much better education, they were happier, and their parents were happier. The amount Washington spent on the program, up to $7,500 per student, cost less than a third of the almost $25,000 the Federal government and the city spend on education per child already. The program also enjoyed an astonishing level of bipartisan support, something that, if you took Democrats at their word, they prize more than anything.

So, if the OSP was cheaper and more successful than the public school system and had bipartisan support, why did it die?

Well, unfortunately for those children in the program, the OSP also took power away from the teachers’ unions, their thugs, and their kept politicians. It, and the educational dreams of Washington, DC’s children, had no chance at all against that much greed and ambition.

I think Ed Driscoll’s headline about says it all: “At Last, Democrats Find A Government Program To Eliminate”. Funny that this one should hurt children so badly while handing a nice, juicy prize to the Democrats’ big-money union pals.

On second thought, it’s not really funny at all, is it? It’s just sad.

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