Rush Hospitalized; Prayers Welcome

| December 30, 2009 | 1 Reply

News is in tonight that Rush Limbaugh was taken to a Honolulu hospital for chest pains. He is said to be in serious condition right now. There isn’t much more to the story, though if more is reported, I’ll update as the hour and situation warrant. Rush has always been pretty reticent to talk about his private life and I imagine that will be the case tonight as well (the initial story didn’t hit local reports for three hours or so).

My bet is that any new news will hit the comments at Hot Air or at Ace’s place as soon as it’s available, so check there as well.

If you’re the praying sort, it could only help to offer a few for Rush and his family.

UPDATE: Via @dcseth, ABC News is reporting Rush in stable condition. That’s not official at this point.

UPDATE: According to Rush’s website, he is “resting comfortably” and we’ll find out more from the Thursday broadcast of the show (via Reuters).


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