More on That Useless Commission and Rolling Heads

| December 30, 2009 | 3 Replies

I want to draw your attention to a couple posts that amplify points I made in yesterday’s post on the SpeedoBomber and the utter ridiculousness of the 9/11 Commission and all Congressional hearings of the past eight years.

Ed Morrissey asks the same question I asked, “How’s that 9/11 Commission reorganization working?”, and reaches the same conclusion. However, he tosses in a thought-provoking wrinkle.

Most Americans don’t care whether a Democrat or a Republican resides in the White House when it comes to national security; they just want the nation to defend itself properly against attack. The question of whether heads should roll is really secondary anyway. The problem isn’t so much the personnel — after all, Hillary Clinton didn’t get on the phone to embassies to instruct them to ignore critical information, and Leon Panetta didn’t deliberately keep dots from connecting. The big problem is the 9/11 Commission’s insane recommendations and Congress’ leap to implement them. That reorganization needs to be dismantled, and the intelligence community streamlined properly to rid itself of sclerotic and antagonistic bureaucracies. We need to reduce barriers to cooperative work, not create more of them, and we should have realized this five years ago and every day since.

I disagree that we shouldn’t worry about firing someone, though his point that we need to dynamite the colossus and streamline things into a sensible and responsive organization first is right on the money., However, heads do need to roll, if for no other reason than to show that someone is being held accountable for the massive incompetence of our homeland security bureaucracy.

Michael van der Galien as NewsReal says Janet Napolitano needs to go. It’s tough to disagree. Her agency would have been run better if she had been fired months ago and replace with a pet rock. At least the rock wouldn’t have put out an ill-informed intelligence briefing siccing the police on anyone with a Gadsden Flag bumper sticker on their car.

As I said last night, though, the person whose head needs to roll post-haste is DNI Dennis Blair (though we can’t forget who is ultimately responsible).

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