Best Body in Britain? You Bet!

| December 30, 2009 | 4 Replies

British women have very good taste.

Kate Winslet has the celebrity body most desired by British women, a survey has found.

The Oscar-winning actress scored 16 per cent of the vote, pipping equally shapely Kelly Brook to second place with 15 per cent.

And skeletal stars Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss finished bottom of the poll of 2,000 women alongside Katie Price, also known as Jordan, who all got just 1% each.

I’ve always thought Kate Winslet was a beauty, except when she gave into the sunken-cheeked “tan in a can” look. She has incredible eyes, a great smile, gams a leg man like me can appreciate for days, and man-oh-man the curves!

Good on you, women of England, for recognizing beauty when you see it.


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