Chaos Reigns as Poor Nations Learn How To Say “We Want Our Cut” in Danish.

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For years, the climate change cultists have been telling all and sundry how hard poor nations are going to be hit by a planet run amuck unless we change our ways and pay them an immense amount of money to pray to their various deities so that the poor and downtrodden might be spared. It’s hooey, and it’s always been such, but it’s a time-tested way of shaking down the rubes.

Except that all those poor and downtrodden countries were listening. And they want their cut of the action.

The Copenhagen talks, which [U.N. Secretary General] Ban described as among the most complex and ambitious ever to be undertaken by the world community, have stumbled over a long-running rich-poor rift on addressing the threat of climate change.

A “BASIC” group of China, India, Brazil and South Africa was “coordinating positions almost on an hourly basis,” India’s environment minister Jairam Ramesh said, reinforcing the entrenched rich-poor positions.

South African Environment Minister Buyelwa Sonjica, speaking for the group, said rich nation pledges for emissions cuts were “less than ambitious and … inconsistent with the science.”

Developing nations also want the industrialized world to pay poorer countries to prepare for and slow climate change.

Meanwhile, High Huckster Al Gore showed up in Copenhagen to lend his mighty Powerpoint skills to the cause, except that he forgot the most important rule of Making Stuff Up: if you’re going to abuse someone else’s numbers, make sure that person isn’t in the same room. Real scientists like Dr. Maslowski protect their ethics fiercely, unlike the so-called scientists at the CRU.

Speaking of the CRU, this investigative article by the UK’s Telegraph is the best summary of the serial deceit perpetrated by the climate change cult’s highest potentates. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, then consider a very simple question: if climate change is truly an immediate danger, shouldn’t the people who cry disaster most loudly act like there’s at least a small problem?

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