Right-Wing Hate Not Confirmed, But MSM Lunch-Eating in Full Force!

| November 26, 2009 | 1 Reply

You might remember the story of Bill Sparkman, the part-time census worker the evil and vicious right-wing killed in rural Kentucky. Okay, we didn’t all kill him. We just created a…wait, how did the left-wing blogosphere put it? Ah, yes.

We “hatemongers” “created an impression that Census employees are terrifying” and our “unhinged hostility to the federal government, whipped up” a “culture of paranoia” where “lunatics will be emboldened” which caused “mentally unstable individuals” to commit a “gruesome lynching” which resembled the “some of the worst hate crimes”.

Or, you know. Not.

The Kentucky State Police Post 11 in London, with the assistance of the FBI, the U.S. Forest Service, the State Medical Examiner’s Office and the Clay County Coroner’s Office, has concluded the investigation into the death of William E. Sparkman, Jr.
The investigation, based upon evidence and witness testimony, has concluded that Mr. Sparkman died during an intentional, self-inflicted act that was staged to appear as a homicide. While all the details of the investigation will not be released at this time, the unusual level of attention and speculation attributed to Mr. Sparkman’s death necessitates this release of information.

The investigation indicates that Mr. Sparkman died of asphyxiation/strangulation at the same location where he was discovered in Clay County, Ky.

Despite the fact that Mr. Sparkman was found hands, feet and mouth bound with duct tape, rope around his neck and the word “FED” written on his chest, analysis of the evidence determined Mr. Sparkman’s death was self-inflicted.

Stacy McCain, who has been on this story from pretty much the very beginning, has all the relevant links and you shouldn’t miss his post. It is the culmination of the investigation that the MSM couldn’t really be all that bothered to do. Stacy told me earlier this evening that what really prompted him to cover this was this AP story which set the meme that Sparkman fell prey to a bunch of mouth-breathing rural bigots. Like he says, though, journalism ain’t rocket science and any MSM reporter could have blown that myth a mile high by talking to this 19 year old lesbian Barack Obama supporter who, incidentally, was not being beaten by a gang of right-wing haters.

Of course, that would have required effort and the willingness to walk into a situation without preconceptions about flyover country.

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