The Delivery Presents: A Grievous Wound to Science, Silly GOP Tricks, And My Early Christmas Jihad

| November 25, 2009 | Reply

TD_CoverArt_013Episode 13 of The Delivery is ready to roll. You can get it from the usual places using the usual methods, as your whim takes you.

This episode could have easily gone two hours. I had plenty of material that I didn’t even begin to touch — Glenn Beck’s crazy third party scheming (though, fortunately, Melissa is going to handle that on her show, so I hear), health care whoring, and a couple music and movie things in the second half. I’ll probably save a topic or two for next week, but some of the stuff is just going to have to end up as blog posts.

I know. I know. Dry your eyes.

Don’t forget that the show will air on Radio for Conservatives on Thursday night at 9 PM. There is a chat room there for the good conversation and feedback purposes, so if your company has headed out and you’re looking for a little amusement on Thanksgiving evening, come join the fun.

Also, if you can’t quite get enough of my voice, the pilot episode of Right This Way is also available. Actually, there’s not as much of me as you might expect. We crammed eight people into the show and, surprisingly, managed a pretty freewheeling discussion without much trampling on each others’ sentences.

Oh, and we also hit up our Big Voice Announcer Guy for some new drops and tags and such. I got to hear a whole slew of them and they do make me laugh. A few of them are seriously geeky (one involved +5 Holy Armor!), which pleases me immensely. I hope they work for you.


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