Are We About to Surrender to the Taliban?

| November 23, 2009 | 1 Reply

The President, in his everlasting quest to discover a strategy for our military in Afghanistan, has decided to call yet another meeting of his war council, perhaps on the off chance that one of them has it tucked in their pocket or stuck to the bottom of their shoe. We might possibly find out if it’s turned up on Monday after he’s thoroughly checked the White House Thanksgiving turkey to see if perhaps the bird swallowed it by accident.

I’m throwing out jokes here because, if this story has any truth to it at all, his decision could be the worst by a U.S. President since our soldiers fled Vietnam in disgrace.

An Afghan source in Kabul reports that U.S. Ambassador in Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry is holding secret talks with Taliban elements headed by the movement’s foreign minister, Ahmad Mutawakil, at a secret location in Kabul. According to the source, the U.S. has offered the Taliban control of the Kandahar, Helmand, Oruzgan, Kunar and Nuristan provinces in return for a halt to the Taliban missile attacks on U.S. bases.

Steve Schippert, who originally tipped me to this, notes that those territories include one that lies along our major supply route in the Kyber Pass area and the entire southern quarter of Afghanistan. He also points out that this squares with Eikenberry’s vociferous disagreement with an Afghan “surge” similar to the one that finally broke the back of the organized Islamist forces in Iraq. I also note that the Taliban reportedly sent word to President Obama that they would be willing to separate themselves from al-Qaeda.

This, folks, is surrender, plain and simple. And it makes me sick to my stomach. Surrender is the easy answer that kicks the Islamist can another couple of years down the road. There is no reason to believe the Taliban won’t be a cancer in that region of the world, especially when they have the unchallenged room to operate and the full public blessing of the United States of America. We will be sentencing millions of people to slavery and oppression and you had better believe they will remember what we did.

We can’t fool ourselves into thinking that the Taliban will simply drop their Islamist brethren and become our bosom buddies. Let’s not forget that the Taliban entangled themselves with al-Qaeda willingly and were partners with them as they killed thousands of American soldiers and civilians, even when faced with the full military might of the United States.

They may well learn that their patience will be richly rewarded. God help us if they do. Realpolitik led us to 9/11 once already. Surrender to the Taliban practically guarantees another one.

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