Video: The AP Blew At Least Part of Its Sparkman Murder Story.

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I jut got off the phone with Stacy McCain who was practically projecting himself through my cell phone, he was so excited. In his investigations in Manchester, KY and environs he met the self-described “Huddle House Killer”.

Her name is Kelsee Brown, she’s 19-years old and, if you read this story by the Associated Press, you’d get the impression that she was some government-hating right-winger. Here’s what the AP says she had to say about the murder of Bill Sparkman:

Kelsee Brown, a waitress at Huddle House, a 24-hour chain restaurant in Manchester, when asked about the death, said she thinks the government sometimes has the wrong priorities.

“Sometimes I think the government should stick their nose out of people’s business and stick their nose in their business at the same time. They care too much about the wrong things,” she said.

Well, that’s just not true. Stacy interviewed her and uploaded the video so you can hear her story for yourself. He also included a couple details that aren’t on the video, so you should head over and read his post as well.

The Associated Press blew it, big time. She did say that some folks needed to keep their noses out of other peoples’ business, but she wasn’t talking about the government. You’ll have to see the whole video to find out who she was really talking about.

Oh, and she’s not a waitress. She’s a cook. What’s more, she’s not a Republican. She’s actually a registered Democrat who led a group of students at her local high school who wanted Barack Obama elected President. And she’s really cute, too.

Kind of amazing the solid journalism you can get for $500, isn’t it?


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