Gore Vidal is Still a Self-Important Punk

| September 30, 2009 | Reply

I was going to write a long and vituperative response to this Gore Vidal interview in which he pulls his skirts up around his knocking knees and squeals about the United States becoming a military dictatorship because we’re all ignorant hicks, but I believe I’ll answer his puling by adapting one of my favorite quotes from William F. Buckley.

Gore Vidal, you officious punk, stop calling me “dim-witted and ignorant” or I’ll sock you in your wrinkled face and you’ll stay plastered.

Relive one of Buckley’s greatest moments and a supreme humiliation of a man who didn’t suffer enough of them by clicking the play button.

(via Stacy McCain, who is still filing stories from Kentucky, so go read, why not?)

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