Michelle Obama is Ready to Fight, but Not for Anything Particularly Important

| September 28, 2009 | 2 Replies

Guess what Michelle Obama was talking about?

“The gloves are off!” the First Lady declared with a smile. She spoke with a handful of reporters in the State Dining room at White House, and relayed a story from last weekend’s G20 Summit in Pittsburgh. At the spouses dinner she hosted, she said she greeted the first lady of Brazil then, “I said, I’m gonna hug you now, and then I’m going after you. And she said ‘you too.’”

Was she talking about how the Brazilians are sheltering the criminal Zelaya in Honduras? Was she talking about forging a new trade alliance between Brazil and the US to pen up new markets for our entrepreneurs? How about removing the ridiculous tariffs on Brazilian sugar to provide a new fuel source for American industry?

No, she was talking about the ultimate pork project: bringing the Olympic games to Chicago.

It’s kind of a shame the Obamas don’t put the effort into promoting freedom for the oppressed around the world that they have making sure their buddies back home in Chicago get their hands on the Olympic money pot.

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