A Thousand Dollars for an Aborted Brain

| September 27, 2009 | 4 Replies

We humans are a deeply depraved lot. We really are.

What isn’t included in this trailer, although plenty of disturbing things are, is the baby-parts market. Yeah, you read that correctly. There is a market out there for baby parts from the babies that are aborted. So, in addition to the financial incentive for places like Planned Parenthood to encourage abortion for the sole fact that they can turn a profit on it is the financial incentive of putting parts of the aborted baby on the market for resale after the abortion. Does that make you a little sick? Does it make you sick that I can talk about parts of a baby being put on a market for resale as if they are like any other commodity you can buy, as if they are a piece of furniture, an IPod, etc.? It makes me sick. Sick enough to want to puke.

Reporter Chris Wallace, on an episode of 20/20, reported:

A 20/20 hidden camera investigation has found a thriving industry in which aborted fetuses women donate to help medical research are being marketed for hundreds, even thousands of dollars…Opening Lines put out this price list: $325 for a spinal cord, $550 for a reproductive organ, $999 for a brain…Dr. Jones said the average specimen costs him just $50 plus overhead, but that he charges an average of $250. They law only talks about recovering costs. But on a single fetus Jones said he can make $2,500.

This entire situation exists because, so far as the law is concerned, an unborn human being is property, not a person. They are a commodity, to be bought and sold as their owners desire. They have no say in the matter and no law protects them from being kept alive just long enough to maximize their value.

Too bad our modern society vilifies and marginalizes the abolition movement that would change that situation.


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