Washington is Closed Today. Sorry. (UPDATED: An Open Challenge to the Liar Alan Colmes)

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As of right now, there are estimates of anywhere from 1.2 million (via local police) and 2 million (via ABC News) people in Washington DC demanding that their elected officials stop playing silly games and listen to them. I expect the attendance number will come out somewhere in between. Stephen Green reported a conversation between Stacy McCain and Barbara Espinoza, who was in DC actually counting the people who passed by her post. She said they had counted 450,000 by noon and people were still rolling in.

Stacy McCain has boots on the ground at the 9/12 Rally and is phoning in reports to Stephen Green. Stephen is updating his post about as quickly as a rat hits the happy button to get a food pill with pictures and live McCain quotes, so go back and visit often.

Carolyn Tackett is in Lakeland, FL at the 9/12 Rally there, where Marco Rubio charmed the heck out of about 200,000. She’ll also be updating her post, so visit there, too.

Of course, the MSM is out there working its tail end off to portray the march as a crazy, angry mob that should be either ignored or watched carefully lest it explode into violence at any moment. CNN rushed out this report calling tea party protesters “angry”, saying a speaker worked the crowd into “a frenzy”, and fronts the story with a sign (featuring a swastika, natch) from another tea party altogether. Expect more of that from the MSM as they try desperately to hold up the President’s sagging poll numbers and his alternate reality-based policy proposals. Luckily for us, the people aren’t quite as dumb as the MSM think we are.

I’ll update this post as the day goes on and I find more linkworthy stuff.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures and a transcript of the speech Michelle Malkin gave at the Texas Tea Party today.

Meanwhile, if there’s anyone working in the media today who would have extensive experience with teabagging, it’s Alan Colmes. Also, he’s a dirty stinking liar and I challenge him to a debate on his contention that the tea party protests oppose health care reform. You and me, 15 minutes a piece, any neutral ground. Let’s see if you have any spine, you dried up piece of offal.

It appears the spin from the most insane members of the left isn’t working quite so well.

UPDATE 2: At least it’s being reported with some objectivity in Britain thanks to the Daily Mail. I’m disappointed that, again, a LaRouchePAC sign made it into the report as representative of the protesters without noting that the LaRouchers are, in fact, a left-wing fringe group.

Mollie Hemingway is tweeting from inside the protest. Start at about the 4:50 PM tweet and keep scrolling down.

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