My New Podcast, “The Delivery”, is Available

| September 12, 2009 | 4 Replies

TD_CoverArt“The Delivery” has been, well, delivered!

My first show is available for your listening pleasure via Take That! Radio or by clicking this link right here.

You can also subscribe to “The Delivery” on iTunes by clicking on this link. You’ll see two episodes there. The one you want is Episode 2. Due to a quirk in how iTunes needs to have files in hand in order to set up a subscription feed, it was necessary to give them the test show I did last week. You can listen to that if you want, but it doesn’t have all the cool production values the real show has. My end is pretty rough as well and I doubled up a couple topics between the test show and the real first show. Just don’t hold anything you hear in that episode against us. Deal? Deal.

Feel free to give me your praise, criticism, topic suggestions, musical suggestions, and whatever else you’d like to say about the show in the comments right here.

Oh, the song you hear in the middle is “Mind over Matter” by E.G. Dailey, from the soundtrack to the movie “Summer School”. It was a suggestion from my producer, Mike, and I liked it.

As promised in the podcast, here are the links to the articles I talked about during the show.

Show Links: Episode One

Mark Hemingway Link to Hoyer Quote
Bureau of Labor Statistics link to employer payouts on health care compnsation.
Video Link to the President saying there aren’t any other options.
Tom Price article in Human Events
Tom Coburn and Richard Burr article in Human Events.
Louie Gohmert article in Human Events.
Steven Spruiell post on Pew poll data.
Pew Center article on voter concerns.

Lots and lots of Tom Jones
“Mama Told Me Not to Come” with Stereophonics.
“Black Betty”.
“Motherless Child” with Portishead.
Theme to Thunderball.
Theme to Duck Dodgers.
Hardest working Welshman in show-biz?
Buy all the songs here except the Duck Dodgers theme in one album

Download Episode Two of “The Delivery”
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