Barack Obama’s Clueless Third

| August 14, 2009 | 3 Replies

What surprises me most about this poll isn’t that 69 percent of Americans think that Preisdent Obama will break his promise not to raise taxes on everyone except C. Montgomery Burns and the Monopoly Guy but that 31 percent don’t actually realize he’s already done it.

It’s not like the President doesn’t have a few more big tax hikes just waiting in the wings, and why shouldn’t he? If you sold one tax hike with the improbable theory that raising taxes will bring in gobs more revenue for an expensive health care program, why wouldn’t you do it again and again? Every tax hike you get now will become a lever of control you can pull later, which is the real progressive purpose for them in the first place.

Of course, eventually the voters get wise to your not particularly clever scheme and you have to find some other way to get what you want. From the looks of the Fox News poll numbers (PDF Link), he’s running out of clever options and may end up having to go the brute force route. That won’t be for a few months, though. He still has his clueless third out there believing he won’t ever do what he’s already done. He can get a lot of publicity mileage out of the earnest way they ask questions at his town hall meetings and they way they report the news.

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