It Wasn’t Obamacare that Made America Angry, Dems.

| August 12, 2009 | 1 Reply

Watch this, then ask yourself if it’s really all that unreasonable for folks to be angry at their legislators.

She excused her rudeness by saying, “In Congress, we have to multi-task.” Oh, that’ll mollify the people you treated like serfs.

I’ve been percolating the thought recently that the voter anger we’ve been seeing over Obamacare doesn’t have nearly as much to do with the Democrat’s attempted power grab or health care itself as we’ve been led to believe. I think the anger, which has to be considerable to rouse people to public demonstration who have never demonstrated before, is because people feel that they are not being heeded. They are frustrated by the constant crisis-monering of this administration and the overwhelming arrogance of the Democratic majority. They saw how TARP was passed by a Congress that barely understood what it was supposed to do and who it was supposed to help then watched as, predictably, it’s been consumed by waste, fraud, and abuse. They’re seeing how the Stimulus Bill, passed before anyone could have possibly read it, is enriching left-wing campaign contributors and punting state budget crises another year down the road but isn’t producing a whit of actual economic stimulus.

They see the truth of this and it scares the hell out of them:


But when they have, politely and reasonable, brought their concerns to their legislators, they’ve gotten a heaping serving of Shut the Hell Up or worse. If they’re unfortunate enough to be represented by John Conyers, whose wife is headed to jail for bribery, they learned he couldn’t possibly understand the bills he votes on and it’s silly of them to expect him to.

So now they’re well and truly angry, but can you blame them, really? This has been cooking for months and if you, like the MSM and most of the left, think it’s just some ginned-up fake outrage over Obamacare, you’re going to find yourself on the wwrong end of a Mount St. Helens-sized electoral explosion.

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