Pelosi and Hoyer Have Crossed the Line

| August 10, 2009 | 15 Replies

It’s come to this: the official position of the leadership of the House Democrats is that vocal, public opposition to whatever they want to do is “un-American”.

This burns me. It’s not enough that Pelosi and Hoyer are lying through their teeth about what their health care scheme will do, once they finally figure out what the bill will contain, but they want you to sit down and shut up while they do whatever they want. They are miles out of bounds here and they owe us a public apology and their resignations. I also think it’d be great if we could find out exactly where the Senate Democratic Leadership and the President stand on this as well.

Make no mistake. Pelosi and Hoyer are not interested in a conversation with you if you disagree with them. If they were, they would have been listening to you long before now. They would have taken the independent study of the Lewin Group under consideration instead of perpetuating the outright impossibility that the presence of a government-run plan won’t cause people to lose the plans they already have and like.

If they really wanted a conversation, they would explain in detail how their belief that Obama care will lower costs through more preventative care even though the CBO has said that health care costs are far more likely to rise.

They can’t do either of those things because they do not have substantive answers to them. And the only way to answer direct, deliberate falsehood shouted through the megaphone of the MSM is to shout back when we have the chance to do so.

What Pelosi and Hoyer have entirely forgotten is that the sort of rowdiness they’ve seen at their town halls…wait. Let me correct that. Only Hoyer has seen any sort of rowdiness at all at a town hall meeting. Speaker Pelosi has spent her recess thus far wining and dining big-money campaign donors. I mean that literally. So what Steny Hoyer has forgotten is that the rowdiness that he saw at his town hall meeting is how democracy has always been done in this country. Jules Crittenden reminded me of that this past week. The notion of the bucolic New England town hall meeting was never true. They have always been boisterous. The only time you get a sedate town hall meeting is when they’re scripted to a fare-thee-well and take only pre-digested questions from pre-selected questioners.

The Democratic leadership says I am un-American for deciding that, after months of being ignored and marginalized, I should raise my voice. Well, to hell with that. I say that Pelosi and Hoyer’s abuse of their power — power, by the way, they only have because we the people have granted it to them — has gone well past statism and is standing with one foot firmly planted in the nastiest traditions of fascism.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg remembers what I had forgotten.

Moreover, if Pelosi and Hoyer had their way, these townhalls would be delivering a fait-accompli because the Democrats, starting with Obama, wanted their partisan version of health care reform to be made law before the August recess. If they had won, there would be no debate, civil or otherwise, right now because they would have steamrolled the opposition already. So what are they complaining about?

Could this editorial be a result of a fit of pique that their exquisitely-crafted plans have been thwarted by the common rabble? That’s an idea worth considering, I think.

Moe Lane also makes an interesting point.

In 2004 I voted for Steny Hoyer, actually: I figured that he was sound enough on foreign policy. Last time I voted anything except a party ticket, and given how personally embarrassing that vote turned out to be it’ll probably be the last time I do anything else except vote a straight party ticket for a while. Because voting Democratic in national elections gives people like this power.

I also voted for Hoyer in the last election. I believed, as leftists go, we could do a lot worse than him. He has seemed, if nothing else, a reasonable enough man. Guess I was wrong, huh?

I wonder what the various Blue Dogs will do now that their leadership has gone completely off the rails? Most of them are in Congress largely because of people their leadership has now pronounced un-American. Will they stand with Pelosi and her Smithers or with the folks who voted for them?

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