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| August 6, 2009 | 1 Reply

Dan Collins’ blog has made history, I think. It features the first blog post ever edited by the White House Office of Fishy Fact Fixing.

I only hope that when they start putting us piscine prevaricators against the wall, I get a good spot.

RELATED: Is this something the White House would want to investigate? It has the stench of sea bass about it.

And these guys, who say they’re getting out of the health insurance business because of what Obamacare is likely to bring. They have to be fishier than Arthur Treacher! After all, the President said that his plan wouldn’t cause anyone to lose the plan they already had, and you know he wouldn’t lie to you, right?

UPDATE: Pat, I’m warning you. Cease your aquatic heresies at once! The truth-finders will sniff you out and put you to the question (hey, now that’s something I bet would bring waterboarding back in fashion on the left!).

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