Who Would You Pick for a Sit Down and a Beer?

| July 30, 2009 | Comments (3)

Matt Margolis found a fun little question that could make for an interesting discussion, if you’re game.

YOU DECIDE: If you could have a beer with any politician, living or dead, who would it be? Share your thoughts. Click on “Leave a Comment” below.

He expanded this one question to three. Pick one living and one dead politician and also what beer you’d prefer. Sounds like fun. I’ll play.

  • If you could have a beer with any living politician, who would it be? Jim DeMint. Paul Ryan seems like he’d make for an interesting conversation, too.
  • If you could have a beer with any dead politician, who would it be? Ronald Reagan. John Adams runs a very close second.
  • What beer would you choose? Franziskaner Heffe-Weiss Dunkel (that’s dark for you who don’t sling a little German) or either the Octoberfest or Summer Ale from Samuel Adams

UPDATE: Stacy has chosen to avenge the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson. That does leave him one living politician with which to have an affable conversation. They don’t all have to end up with you holding a broken beer bottle to someone’s throat.

Though I hear it’s a pretty effective way of getting a job at the American Spectator. At least that’s the word on the streets.

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Comments (3)

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  1. Doug Hagin says:

    Great question!

    The living politician? If Fred Thompson is still considered a politician, then him. If not, Texas governor Rick Perry.

    The dead politician. VERY tough! But, I must say George Washington.

    The beer? Since Washington loved porters, I would pick SAINT BRIDGET'S PORTER from Great Divide Brewing

  2. ~* Cheesestick *~ says:

    Living politician? Dick Cheney…definitely. I love him….

    Dead pol….Sam Houston.

    Beer…no idea!

  3. TxSkirt says:

    Living-Sarah Palin because she is the future. Dead-George Washington because he is the foundation. Beer-Shiner Blonde because it rocks.

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