Ghoulish? More Like Par for the Course.

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When President Obama was inaugurated, he promised to “restore science its rightful place” but I bet the scientists who were rejoicing at his words never expected him to name a student of a prominent eugenicist and proponent of the long-discredited “population bomb” theory as his Science Czar. Michelle Malkin has the details:

In the opening slide, Holdren admitted that his “preoccupation” with apocalyptic matters such as “the rates at which people breed” was a lifelong obsession spurred by scientist Harrison Brown’s work. Holdren heaped praise on Brown’s half-century-old book, “The Challenge to Man’s Future,” then proceeded to paint doom-and-gloom scenarios requiring drastic government interventions to control climate change.

Who is Holdren’s intellectual mentor, Harrison Brown? He was a “distinguished member” of the International Eugenics Society whom Holdren later worked with on a book about – you guessed it – world population and fertility. Brown advocated the same population control-freak measures Holdren put forth in Ecoscience. In “The Challenge to Man’s Future,” Brown envisioned a regime in which the “number of abortions and artificial inseminations permitted in a given year would be determined completely by the difference between the number of deaths and the number of births in the year previous.”

Brown exhorted readers to accept that “we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that artifical means must be applied to limit birth rates.” If we don’t, Brown warned, we faced a planet “with a writhing mass of human beings.” He likened the global population to a “pulsating mass of maggots.” [PDF link]

MIchelle calls it “ghoulish” but, so far as I can tell, Harrison’s beliefs are well inside the mainstream of where the progressives have been for decades. I don’t find it surprising at all, considering that the Democrats just defeated an attempt by Republicans to stop sending over $350 million dollars a year of our money to an organization founded by a prominent eugenicist.

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