As If Life Isn’t Complicated Enough, Here Comes Washington

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Aramina - Gender ConfusionThere really is no place Washington will not intrude. It’s not enough that the Democrats want to control every electrical fixture, light bulb, and appliance in your house; every aspect of your health care; and the very thoughts in your head. They also want to tell you what gender you are.

I am not kidding. The Obama administration really does want to tell you what gender you are.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee’s health care legislation will give the Health and Human Services secretary the authority to develop “standards of measuring gender” — as opposed to using the traditional “male” and “female” categories — in a database of all who apply or participate in government-run or government-supported health care plans.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is required by the proposed law — The Affordable Health Choices Act,which was voted out of committee on July 15 — to create a database within one year of the law’s enactment that will include detailed information about those who sign up for government-run or supported health care programs, including their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, language and disabilities.

The proposed law states that the database can use the Office of Management and Budget “standards for race and ethnicity measures.”

But for the collection of “gender” data, instead of using the categories “male” and “female,” the legislation calls for “developing standards for the measurement of gender.”

And since we’re all going to end up in government-run health care sooner or later if the Democrats get their way, our government will then officially designate your gender, based on government standards which we know with metaphysical certainly will be laden with politically-correct claptrap and as far from honest-to-god science as it is possible to get.

Yid with Lid is far more politic.

Gee when I was growing up there were two genders, Male or Female, it had nothing to do with sexual preference and everything to do with human “plumbing.” The fact that our government wants to spend time defining gender, is perfect proof of why the government needs to stay away from health care. It is just impossible for them to do without making it much more difficult and confusing than needed.

Hey, if it were simple, you wouldn’t need twenty bazillion bureaucrats (and the power they bring to the public-sector unions) to handle it.

Suzanna Logan is on the case as well:

In other words, having woman parts doesn’t actually make me a woman. I’ll be waiting for Sebelius’ approval on that, but in the meantime, why stop at gender? Let’s take the no-objective-realities conclusion to its logical end and start declaring race and age classifications at will, too.

That way, if we Republicans have another old, white dude run for President in the next go-round, we could have Sebelius declare him a young, wise, ethnic woman first.

Oh now Suzanna has to know that the left will never cut the arbitrary lines they draw to give any advantage at all to the Republicans. That’s just crazy talk!

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