Here’s An Idea: Make Everyone Partake in Our People’s Glorious Health Care System

| July 16, 2009 | 9 Replies

Should members of Congress have to be part of the same pre-failed public health care plan they’re forcing on the rest of us? Well, if we have to live with public health care (and we will, if this bill passes), then so should they.

And they shouldn’t raise taxes one more dime to get it done, no matter mow often they try to convince us that the evil, monocle-wearing rich should fork over more. If the Democrats really want a nationalized health care system, then let them cut some other big spending program to get it. Defense is off-limits. Beyond that, cut away, Dems! Let’s see just how much you really want your socialized medicine.

Of course they won’t do that, because this bill, like the cap and trade bill, isn’t about money, health care, or paying their footsolders what the law requires. It’s about raw power.

Republicans, on the other hand, need to keep laying on the poison pill amendments if that’s what it takes to kill nationalized health care for no other reason than to make would-be killers like Peter Singer weep bitter tears that he can’t kill a third (or more) of the people on the planet. They also need to get their own plan out there more. They have real doctors, you know.

To swipe a phrase from one of the stars of the blogosphere: Socialized Medicine Won’t Work.

UPDATE: Did I see a Minotaur somewhere in there?

UPDATE 2: Linked by The Anchoress, who has a passel of fantastic links (including this one!)

UPDATE 3: Max Baucus is about to do a very stupid thing.

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