Gosh. Who Would Have Thought They’d Make a Political Toy of This?

| July 13, 2009 | Reply

You mean, the Democrats in Congress were politicizing intelligence and almost completely dishonest about it, too? Why…that’s unpossible!

In sum, congressional Democrats knew about the program and knew that the dissent of the Justice Department’s senior leadership in 2004 was not about warrantless surveillance. They knew that if they postured that the dissent was about warrantless surveillance, Gonzales — not an adept communicator — would not be able to rebut them in a public hearing because the details of the dispute were classified. Congressional Democrats also knew that President Bush agreed to make changes in the program in March 2004 to assuage DOJ’s concerns, and they knew that the program activities continued thereafter for a year-and-a-half (i.e., until the Times blew part of the program) without incident and with bipartisan congressional leadership continuing to be briefed.

Some time ago, I said that history would be far more kind to President Bush and far less kind to the self-described guardians of our civil liberties in the Democratic Party. It looks like this report puts me a lot closer to being right.

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