Can We Show Todd Palin Some Love Here?

| July 13, 2009 | 8 Replies

I”m pretty sure that Todd Palin has won some sort of combined husband/father medal. I’m pretty sure that were I in his situation, I would have have a nice long talk with the punk Levi Johnston that would have involved a baseball bat as a visual aid.

I can’t imagine the amount of control it must take not to find Levi Johnston and make sure he is very clear on the concept that a real man does not trash another man’s wife for some cheap pop from the sleazemeisters in the MSM. You just know he’s dying to teach Johnston a few things about how a man should treat a woman but he hasn’t because I’m quite sure he knows it will only bring more bad press to his wife. Our modern media doesn’t think much of traditional men and there’s no way that his little tête-à-tête would be reported any way but negatively.

UPDATE: Alternately, he could hook the young rapscallion with fellow bubble-brain Meghan McCain. Sure, it’d break Allah’s heart, but I think he’s already reckoned that Meghan’s no longer his dream girl.

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UPDATE 2: Ricky Hollywood?

Maybe there’s no need for Todd Palin to give Levi a little taste of reality. It looks like reality will be introducing itself to Levi…err, RICKY HOLLYWOOD…soon enough.

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