Chuck Grassley Just Fired the First Shot in the IG Scandal.

| June 26, 2009 | Reply

The Inspector General scandal (IG-Gate? In-Scam?) has taken another large step forward now that Senator Chuck Grassley has released an immense report on the resignation of the Amtrak IG. I’ll read it over the weekend and give you any juicy bits I can find.

In the meantime, head over to where Stacy McCain has been all over this story, no mean task as it involves three or four separate Inspectors General. You can read his most recent dispatch at the American Spectator blog. He also has two quality roundups with the latest happenings on the story here and here and points to a mega-sized link dump at WWU-AM. I highly recommend you acquaint yourselves with at least the basics of the ongoing scandal so that you won’t need to get caught up when it finally opens up and starts swallowing members of the administration.

Moe Lane does a good job of summing up the Amtrak IG story in two bullet points. Sometimes scandals are complicated. This one really isn’t. But it will take some time to drill through the layers of bureaucracy and obstinance to get to the core. Remember, what lies at the heart of this scandal is the principle that the government is accountable to us and not the other way around. Firing an IG because they’re making you and your friends look bad is the sort of thing we expect in a banana republic, not here.

Keep your eye on Stacy’s blog. If there’s news, he’ll have it first.

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