Tiny Toons Health Care

| June 24, 2009 | 5 Replies

Elvira Buster and BabsNationalized health care and freedom don’t go together at all.

A few years ago, I heard a highly educated and successful author maintain that living without cigarettes and copious alcohol was a life not worth living. There exists no warning label, no bone-chilling study, no crafty public service announcement that is going to separate me from my sour-cream-and- cheese-infested burrito.

At this point, anyone who doesn’t comprehend that French fries aren’t a suitable vegetable substitute will not be aided by preventive health care — unless it includes the cost of a cerebral transplant.

There are also potential consequences to “prevention” policy. For instance, you can “convince” people to care by coercing them. Increasingly, elected officials are warming to the idea.

Back in the 90s, there was a cartoon called “Tiny Toons Adventures”. One of the recurring characters was a little girl named Elmyra, who loves animals. And when I say “loves”, I mean as in “to death”. She is absolutely sure she knows what’s best for all the animals and showers them with care and affection. There are a couple problems. First, she doesn’t know a darned thing about animals. She puts bunny rabbits in the same cage as a hungry cat, sticks cats and dogs in the same kennel, and drops mice into the pen with a boa constrictor. No animal is safe from her overwhelming and clumsy love, not even fierce jungle cats. The mere sound of her voice causes animals for miles to flee in terror.

The Democrats really, really want to take care of us. They’re convinced that if we’d just slip into this pretty cage, they’ll love us and pet us and make us feel all better, just like Elmyra. And we’ll end up just as abused and enslaved her pets.

I vaguely remember someone once saying that there is no tyrant so terrible as the one who believes he knows what’s best for you. It’s one thing to have to fight mobs of truncheon-bearing goons but quite another to avoid being hugged into slavery.

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