Why the President Won’t Criticize Bad Stimulus Spending

| June 22, 2009 | 3 Replies

Where’s that Vichy French Captain when we need him?

It’s been four months, and still President Obama has yet to criticize publicly a single project from the $787 billion economic stimulus spending package, despite his Feb. 20 pledge that if federal or state agencies tried to slip any bad spending through, he would “call them out.”

With 20,000 expenditures approved, the complaints about bum projects are piling up. Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, released a report last week identifying 100 projects he said were wasteful or silly. But the Obama administration has refused to accept any of his criticisms and is defending the spending, from bike paths to turtle bridges to $300 road signs advertising that stimulus money paid for the project.

The President slipped us a little white lie past us when he made that promise, but it’s our fault for buying it. We should have known that, to a progressive like Barack Obama, there is no such thing as bad spending. He might as well have promised to capture a couple leprechauns so they could lead us to their pots of gold while he was at it.

There’s as much chance of the President’s publicly criticizing any part of the first big agenda item he got through Congress as there is of Nancy Pelosi going on Jeopardy! as anything but a celebrity contestant.

Speaking of the President and his stimulus bribery scheme, Christina Hoff Sommers has a great article on how the stimulus bill went from an FDR-like attempt to stem the tide of unemployment to a payoff to left-wing interest groups concerned that women weren’t getting a big enough piece of the pie (via memeorandum). The only legitimate defense Democrats (and the couple turncoat Republicans) had for the Vote-Buying Act was that it would do two important things. First it would pump money into the badly-hurting construction and manufacturing industries. Second, it would build and repair infrastructure neglected for a couple decades, like roads and bridges.

Instead, as Sommers piece shows, the bill was hijacked by the grievance-mongers and quota queens and billions was diverted to fields that were actually gaining jobs and weren’t at any real risk.

Huh. Go figure.

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